Creating a Community of Practice Workshop, Miami, FL January 11-12, 2012

Preparing for the Workshop - Homework!!!

Please try to review all of these materials prior to the workshop on January 11th. These materials will provide a summary of where the project started, what the current goals are, and the critical role each of you will play as we collaborate to develop a strategic plan for transforming informal climate change education in your parks and refuges. The priority for the January 11 & 12 meeting is to outline a strategy/proposal for Phase II funding, so please take time to review the National Science Foundation's RFP for Phase II funding for the Climate Change Education Partnerships (they'll be funding approx. 7 partnerships at $5-6 million each). 

  1. Digital Welcome: A brief introductory video from Jessica Thompson
  2. Informal Presentations: We have prepared a 20-minute summary of our current research and goals for the workshop in Florida. In addition, we have asked two of our partners to put together video summaries of their own climate change education work, and how it fits into our collaborative project. 

Please take about an hour, prior to the meeting to view these videos to gain insight into how we can share resources and knowledge for Phase II.  The presenters will be available at the workshop to answer any questions and engage in deeper discussions about the potential for collaboration.

Presentation 1: Summary of the Place-based CCEP's Phase I Inventory

Presented by Dr. Jessica Thompson, Colorado State University

Presentation 2: Overview of USFWS Nationwide Visitor Survey Results

Presented by Dr. Natalie Sexton, USGS

Presentation 3: Introduction to the Climate Interpreter Website

Presented by Scott Mackenzie, Monterey Bay Aquarium

*Also, please visit - review this website and the tools, resources and information that it offers and how we could potentially link to or partner with this group as well as Climate Interpreter.

  1. Review your Workshop Summary & Visitor Survey Report: In preparation for the meeting, please re-read the workshop summary from your area/region and take a few moments to read your visitor survey report and the report for your partnering parks and refuges in your area/region.  This information will help guide the discussion on Day 2, as you formulate your "local plan". They can be found on this site under your community of practice on the workshop/science tab.
  2. Read the RFP: The National Science Foundation just released the request for proposals for the Climate Change Education Partnership - Phase II funding. Read the RFP here! 
  3. Write Your Wish LIst! What do you think that you, your staff, your site and your community (partnered with the other sites in the region) need to change the conversation about climate change locally? Do you need a "designated person" to organize the effort? Do you need facilitated meetings? Do you need more staff & visitor research? Do you need funding for materials - production, design, dissemination? Two key parameters for your wish list:

a) These must be things that you/your agency could NOT do on its own - in order to be transformative the list must transcend boundaries and standard operating protocol.

b) Keep in mind that each region will have $50-100K per year, for up to 5 years.


Participating in the Workshop!

The workshop will be held at Palmetto Bay Village Center January 11-12, 8:00 – 4:30. For those of you attending in person, please see below for many details about logistics. 


For virtual attendees, please use the following links to participate in the meeting.  Please refer to the agenda (at the bottom of this page) for times of specific discussions and presentations.  **There will be no live feed from the meeting in Florida from 1-2pm EST January 11 – the group will be participating in another live webinar on developing proposals for Phase II of the CCEP project. During the morning of January 11, we will provide additional details about participating virtually.   .

GoToMeeting: There are separate login links provided for January 11th and January 12th below.


To Join the Webinar on January 11that 9:00am Eastern Time:

1. Click this link to join the Webinar:

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Webinar ID: 974-350-864

2. Join the conference call:

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To Join the Webinar on January 12th at 9:00am Eastern Time:

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All Participants:

Workshop Blog!

Whether you are participating virtually or in-person, please read and contribute to the real time blog, here - We will update the live discussion throughout the day.